• To facilitate growth of a globally competitive & fast growing Indian Electronics Hardware Industry.




  • To be a valuable resource for dissemination of knowledge, well researched information, enhancing skills and competitiveness. To take initiatives for meaningful collaboration and effective communication with various stakeholders of the industry & with policy makers.
  • To provide business development platforms for enabling collaborations and B2B engagement for business expansion and new opportunities
  • To enable creation of a supportive eco-system, best practices to encourage environmentally friendly materials and processes and to protect & promote the common interests of the members and the industry at large.


ELCINA’s Beliefs

  • The Association adds value to the well-being of our industry.
  • Collaborative working is possible, and rather essential even within a competitive environment.
  • Shared learning with open communication on subjects of common interests and collective efforts for creating level playing field, benefits all members at large.
  • Participation in the activities of ELCINA is based on the premise that the Association can be as vibrant and value adding, as its members want it to be.
  • Health of the industry is collective responsibility of all members, and nurturing it is beneficial to all.
  • Promoting globalization of the industry to make it competitive